Hello love,have you gotten to work? my hubby asked at about 8:30 am that Wednesday morning as per his usual practice.                        Yes darling,I have. I am just putting some finishing touches to that presentation in time for the meeting at 9:00 am.                                Don’t worry Nimi,I  am sure you will knock them dead simply because you are Mrs Toluwanimi Peters. The most beautiful and brilliant woman that ever worked the face of the earth.                                                                                                                                   I could not help the bout of the laughter at the level of flattery my husband has resorted to.                                                                        Thank you Mr Jaiye Peters for never seizing to inflate my already inflated ego and confidence.I have to go now,I will talk to you after the presentation.                                                                                     Okay love,all the best. I love you.I was still smiling when we eventually ended the call after a series of I love you.                                            TO BE CONTINUED.                                


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